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Introduction of AMS Program
Introduction of AMS Program
 영문-경영학전공 AMS Program Introduction of AMS Program
Department of Business Adminstration
Our department is designed to cultivate global business leaders by offering students a chance to develop their creative thinking skills and expertise. First, it operates study groups to prepare students for certification (certified accountant, tax accountant) exams. Second, in conjunction with prestigious universities overseas, it offers an diverse array of international exchange programs and English language courses. Thirds, the program focuses on delivering practical knowledge; for example, it offers on-site management training and lectures by renowned figures in the field.
Asian Management Studies Program
This program aims to foster future Asian management talent with competency and leadership through practical management education, and establishes the Management major to provide its students with necessary knowledge and experience. The general rules expressed hereafter specify the details and procedures of curriculum and operations of the Management major program within the Department of Business Management.
Features of the AMS Program
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